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Unimicron motor uphold actively developing innovative spirit, professional manufacture of various types of transformers. Accumulated 30 years of manufacturing experience, acclaimed in the industry, the highest rate for the central factory-made​​. The spirit of the principle of quality first, service first, to meet the market demand of the customers. The transformer, and marketing around the world.

1985 Creation Shin Hsing Industry Co. was founded and specializing in the manufacture of large discharge-type transformers, high (low) pressure oil Filled transformers and low-frequency transformers.
1990 Renamed to Shin Hsing Electrical Co.,LTD. Plant with our own brand sold in the market, manufacturing project dry-type amplification main power transformers, control transformers and automatic voltage regulators.
2001 Expanded stably over 15 years with many supports from listed companies the market.
Awarded the best excellent vendor by ECOCA INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.
2002 Awarded the best excellent vendor by ECOCA INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.
For the next consecutive year.
2004 Certified with EMC by SGS due to the compliance with European CE safety regulations, obtained EMC certificates. (Certification program: single-phase isolation, autotransformer)
2005 SGS certification, through the German TUV safety regulations, obtain TUV certificate. (Certification program: single-phase isolation, autotransformer)
2008 SGS certification, through the European CE safety regulations, obtain LVD certificate.(Certification program: single-phase isolation, autotransformer)
2009 Added Shin Chi Technology Co., Ltd. To fulfill various markets needs.
2013 Replaced with in response to market trends.
Certified by UL and obtained CUL certificates.
Founded new plant Fu Yu Electrical Technology Co.,LTD. In Dongguan City, Guangdong.
Province, China for the convenience of trading between China and Taiwan.
2015 Relocated to the new plant and purchased transformer testers in accordance with European CE safety regulation.
2016 Awarded the best service quality.
2017 Through ISO9001 certification.

Three-phase main power transformer 1KVA to 2000KVA (isolation. Autotransformer)

Single phase control transformer, 20VA ~ 15KVA (isolation. Autotransformer)

Three-phase discharge transformer

In disguise, all kinds of reactors

Oil-immersed transformer

A. V. R. regulator, pressure stability (variable)